Nature & Functions

The University Social Involvement Council (USIC), as a policy-making body draws from the expertise of its members and of the entire University community to impact on the instruction, research, and formation and catalyze empowerment within partner communities. Thus, USIC shall:

    • Review the plans and oversee the implementation of all outreach and extension programs that are separately and/or collaboratively undertaken by different colleges, departments, units, and other sectors.

    • Foster networks and coordinate with the colleges, departments, units, and other sectors towards a more dynamic and effective implementation of the University Mission, ‘to serve the Church that does justice’ manifested in its service to the community, especially the poor.


The membership to the University Social Involvement Council was reconstituted from its original composition of twenty-two (22) members to seventeen (17) members. As contained in the USIC General Agreements, membership was reduced to Seventeen (17) members during the USIC series of consultation meetings held in 2010. Thereafter, membership was reduced to thirteen (13).

In 2012, the Presidential Memo No. 1213028 provides that the members of the USIC shall include the following:

  • The representatives of different Colleges:

        – College of Humanities and Social Sciences

        – College of Business and Accountancy

       – College of Computer Studies

       – College of Education

        – College of Science and Engineering

        – College of Nursing

  • The duly-elected President of the College Faculty Club

  • The duly-elected President of the Ateneo Personnel Club (APC)

  • Representative of Ateneo H/S and Faculty and Staff Club.

  • Representative of Junior High School Community Program.

  • Representative of Senior High School Community Program.

The Deans of the Colleges, the Directors of the Institutes and Centers, and the Presidents of the Clubs enumerated above shall be officially named as the representatives of the member units of the Council.

All other former members and other units in the university whose participation are necessary in carrying out USIC plans shall be invited and called upon whenever necessary.