Religious Education

CMSV’s Lakbay Antabay Spiritual Outreach Activity. The Campus Ministry Student Volunteers (14) officers and members in celebration of the feast day of St Francis Xavier held their Lakbay Antabay Spiritual Outreach Activity for Grade 9 with thirty (30) and Grade 10 students with thirty-eight (38) student beneficiaries at Ponong Integrated School, Ponong, Magarao, Camarines Sur. They were able to conduct two separate themed recollections for each grade level. For Grade 9 the theme was Respect for Human Person were they teach the life of St. Francis Xavier, Kamustahan, Self-Awareness, Word of God and Catechesis about the Dignity of the Human Person. For Grade 10 their theme was Human Person as Stewards of Creation wherein they had Kamustahan, teach the Importance of Creation, reflection on the word of God and Catechesis on Stewardship.

ELIHIDOS Xavier Day Outreach. In celebration of the feast day of St Francis Xavier, ELIHIDOS with its (33) officers and members held their outreach activity at the Naga City Children’s Home at Pacol, Phelan Drive Km.7. With (25+) children beneficiaries with age ranging from 4 to 17 years old, they were able to conduct coloring activities, storytelling, origami making and a short video presentation on the life of St Francis Xavier.