Trash Tag 2019: Challenge for a Change by PCSKV.  As the trash tag is a new challenge started by Byron Roman, the PCSCV Group with its (10) student volunteers and guidance personnel on November 30, 2019, held their Challenge for a change at Malabsay Falls, Panicuason, Naga City. The volunteers, by the group, were able to fill 3 eco-biodegradable plastic bags with trash collected from the different designated areas.


JABMA Mangrove Planting and Coastal Clean-up. The organization with its aims to help the environment preservations by planting more mangrove trees along the shoreline of Cagsao, Calabanga, held their activity last October 20, 2019. (15) Members and officers planted mangrove trees and were able to collect trash.


Tree Planting at Del Rosario, Pili. On December 3, 2017, more than (200) seedling where by (1) Faculty, (20) Staff, (1) Admin and (56) students from Office Mission and Identity(OMI), College of Engineering, CCD Voltz, College Registrar’s Office(CRO), MENSA, Computer Studies Department, Philo, XAVIER Dormers M&W, ANBIOM, APO, AFS with MNWD Staff. The same amount of seedlings was planted by (1) Faculty, (32) Staff, (2) Admin and (50) students from College of Engineering, ASSRC, Univ. Student Recruitment Office(USRO), Grad School, College Registrar’s Office(CRO), College of Business Administration Department(CBA), Office of Mission and Identity(OMI), Presidents Office, MIS Office, NOCS Office, DACA Department and APO from last July 29, 2017.

Coastal Clean-up at Cagsao and Belen, Calabanga. On December 3, 2017 with the help of (16) Faculty, (12) Staff, (1Admin and (35) Students from FMC & Accountancy, MIS, DACA Department, AYE, ROC, ABBS, AJMA and JABMA they have collected more than 100 kilos of garbage in the seashore of Cagsao, Calabanga and SHS. On Ignatiana day last July 29,2017 coastal clean-up more than 100 kilos of garbage where collected by the (2) Faculty, (2) Staff, (2) Admin and (101) Students of the Chaplaincy Office, BANHI, Red Cross, AnBiom, APEX, AFS and SHS from the seashores of Belen and Cagsao, Calabanga.

Mangrove Planting at Belen Calabanga. On December 3,2017 (4) Staff, (2) Administrator and (20) Student from NOCS Office, ASEC, CYA and SHS planted 3,500 propagules. The same amount was also planted last July 29, 2017, (14) Faculty, (5) Staff, and (119) Student from Accountancy, Univ. Library, MSS, Gabay, Xavier Dormers and MENSA at Belen, Calabanga.