Who We Are


  1. Mr. Elmer T. Sto. Domingo, Chair of USIC/Director of Center for Community Development

  2. Dr. Malu C. Barcillano, Director of Center for Local Governance

  3. Ms. Joanaviva C. Plopenio, OIC-Director of INECAR

  4. Dr. Digna P. Alba, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  5. Dr. Delia B. Oco, Dean of College of Nursing

  6. Dr. Christopher B. Abelinde, Dean of College of Business and Accountancy

  7. Ms. Maria Luz T. Badiola, Dean of College of Education

  8. Mr. Lowie Vincent S. Bisana, Representative of College of Computer Studies

  9. Mr. Jean Paul I. Paje, Representative of College of Science and Engineering

  10. Mr. Juan Bautista Janthe B. Bagadion, President, of College Faculty Club

  11. Mr. Aldrin P. Belmes, President, Ateneo Personnel Club

  12. Mr. Ireneo D. Quejada, Representative of Ateneo Junior HS and Faculty and Staff Club

  13. Ms. Fe B. Din, Member

  14. Ms. Gemma C. Moreno, Junior High School Coordinator for Community Program

  15. Ms. Jojie C. Martirez, Senior High School Coordinator for Community Program

  16. Ms. Denise Karla Baduria, President of Supreme Student Government