Barangay Ponong

Location and Land Area

Barangay Ponong is one of the fifteen barangays in the municipality of Magarao in the province of Camarines Sur. It is bounded by barangay Carigsa in the north, barangay Casuray in the easy, barangay Barobaybay in the south and the Bicol River in the west. The barangay has a total land area of 387 hectares, subdivided in eight administrative zones.


Magarao has a Type IV climate, with rainfall more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. In general, it experiences three dry months. The rest of the year is wet to very wet. Heavy rainfall occurs in the months of July, September, October, and December while the dry months are from February to early May. The PAGASA reports that the average monthly rainfall is about 101.84mm and the average daily temperature is 26.8°C.


Barangay Ponong’s topography is mainly flat to hilly. the estuarine flood plains are situated along the Bicol River. The flat lowlands are mainly devoted to paddy rice farming while the marshes and riverbanks are planted with nipa palm trees.

Natural Resources

The major natural resources in the barangay is the Bicol River. Forty percent of the residents depend on Bicol River for fishing. The barangay is also endowed with a vast agricultural land.

Infrastructure and Support Facilities

Barangay Ponong has the following public facilities and private commercial establishments:

    • Community Centers: Mini Plaza, Basketball court, Barangay chapel

    • Government Buildings: Barangay Hall, Tanod outpost, Sea wharf building (also houses SK Hall)

    • Public health care centers and utilities: Health Center, Botika sa Barangay, Public Water Pumps (2 units)

    • Education Facilities: Daycare Center, Ponong Integrated School

    • Private Commercial offices/stores: Madrigal Foundation Center, CARD Inc., Plant Health Clinic, grocery store, bakery, videoke bar.


As of October 2013, the barangay has a total of 264 families and a total population of 1,444. The barangay population is comprised of 765 males and 679 females. Of these, 95 are senior citizens and 16 are persons with disability.

Source: Barangay Ponong: A Community Profile by Ateneo Social Science Research Center, Ateneo Student Researchers Pool, Ateneo de Naga University, December 2014