Barangay Mayaopayawan

Physical Characteristics

Barangay Mayaopayawan is located 5kms east of the town proper of Milaor and 4kms southeast of Naga City. Located at eastern portion of Pili, Camarines Sur, southern part is Brgy. Capucnasan northern is Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City and western part is Brgy. Dalipay. It has a total land area of 147.26 hectares. Slope is 3% free from flood during rainy days. It is transverse by rail road track going to Manila.

Educational Health and Safety Facilities

The barangay has Barangay Health Center. There will be twice a week visit of the assigned midwife together the duties of the three barangay health workers, one barangay nutritional scholar and everyday duty of botika ng barangay operator.

To provide health services such as immunization, pre-natal check-ups and others, the Botika ng Barangay serves the small building of the Rural Improvement Club.

The barangay has a daycare center located near the barangay hall and an elementary school, Mayaopayawan Elementary School, located at the back of the barangay hall. At present, the school has 7 teachers, 1 daycare worker and 6 elementary teachers. Due to lack of funds, there were no high school buildings yet. The parents usually send their children to secondary schools in Naga or in nearby barangays.

Mode of Transportation

The means of transportation in the barangay are skates and motorbikes. They use the railroad tracks as an opportunity to have easy access transportation to Naga City and in town proper of Milaor. Skates station is located in Brgy. San Antonio of the same town and Concepcion Pequeña in Naga City. Motorbikes are very dominant transportation in the barangay. The rail track was covered with weathered topsoil as the passageway of the motorbikes. Within the barangay, padyaks are also present.

Water and Electric Supply

The main source of water in the barangay is deep well. There is also a BAWASA (a project of LGU-Milaor) but still not operational. The power supply is provided by the local power utilities (CASURECO II).

Waste Management

Presently, the barangay is implementing the R.A. 9003 also known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2001.

Peace and Order

The barangay has 10 Barangay Tanods in order to maintain peace and order. Twice a week, the tanods conduct their “ronda” (Wednesday and Saturday night). They also have barangay officials handing over communications and summons.

Government Land and Resettlement

There is no available site for resettlement in the barangay.

Gender and Development Planning

The barangay has gender and development planning and GAD focal person.

Source: 2014 State of Barangay Governance Report, Brgy. Mayaopayawan, Milaor, Camarines Sur (2014)