Barangay Casuray

Barangay Casuray is one of fifteen barangays in the Town of Magarao, a 4th class municipality in the province of Camarines Sur. It has an area of 642.74 hectares; 616.74 hectares of which is agricultural land. The barangay is landlocked with Brgy. Ponong and Carigsa on the north, Brgy. Bell and Sta. Rosa on the east, Brgy. San Roque and Talidtid, Canaman on the south, and Brgy. Barobaybay on the west.

The name of the barangay came from then-mayor Hon. Andres Albaong in 1927. It came from the word nag-casuhay which means separated. The barangay town proper is located 4.9 kilometers from the town center.

Based on the latest 2016 census, the barangay has 277 families and a total population of 1,203. 9 persons are considered as persons with disabilities. 80% of the houses in the barangay are semi-concrete or made of light materials; while the remaining 20% is made of concrete.

Casuray Elementary School offers educational services from Grade 1 to 6. The school also has 11 teachers; some of them are also residents of the barangay. A Day Care Center is also present in the barangay which has one teacher who handles 54 students.

Farming, fishing, and tiklad-making (nipa shingles) are the main source of livelihood of the residents.

Source: Barangay Profile of Casuray, Magarao, Camarines Sur (Translated in English)