About Us

USIC as a mechanism for the realization of Ateneo’s calling as a “University in the World”

Committed to its role as a catalyst for change, the Ateneo de Naga University has clearly declared its Mission being: “…the integral formation of men and women who will contribute to the total development of the family and human society” through teaching, research, community service and deep personal interaction, it aims to form men and women for others who will find God in all things, always seek his greater glory and respond generously and courageously to Christ’s call to serve first God’s Kingdom – Primum Regnum Dei.”

The University unequivocally defined its role as a “University in the world” engaged in a fourfold dialogue: Dialogue of Competence, Dialogue of Conscience that Promotes Social Justice, Dialogue of Compassionate Commitment to Social Change, and Christ-centered Dialogue with Other Religions.

Integral to the pursuit of its Mission is the University’s direct involvement with the outside communities to achieve a two-pronged objective: (1) to improve the quality of life in these communities and 2) to affect both academic instruction and value formation of students.

Along with student instruction and formation, involvement in service to the community is an integral function of the University. This has been clearly articulated in the University’s Mission as a University in the World and has been pursued through various community outreach and extension programs and initiatives carried out and implemented by the offices and institutes created for the purpose. The persistent and worsening social and economic condition of the people in the communities being served by the University has, however, made it, now, more than ever, an urgent imperative for the University to strengthen its efforts and respond through more focused and sustained programs in partnership with these communities. The creation of the University Social Involvement Council (USIC) is envisioned to address this imperative.

The USIC is a mechanism that will coordinate and integrate and when appropriate direct the different community outreach and extension programs and activities of the University to sharpen focus and generate synergy as well as enhance the responsiveness and sustainability of these programs for community development. It is a body directly under the University President and is one of the three councils of the University (University Academic Council, University Research Council and USIC). In USIC, the different community outreach and extension programs of the University will be planned and their implementation coordinated, monitored and evaluated, as guided by the goals and objectives set based on the principles of community empowerment and inspired by the nature of the university’s role as a source of learning.