Offices under RaCE office

Ateneo Social Science Research Center (ASSRC)

The Ateneo Social Science Research Center (ASSRC) undertakes studies on concrete human life situations in Bikol especially of the marginalized, articulates learnings and insights about compromising the truths and links them with broader policies issues in a globalizing world, it promotes institutional, commissioned and collaborative researches in the area of social sciences that contribute to the regional and national development.

Institute for Environmental Conservation and Research (INECAR)

The Institute for Environmental Conservation and Research (INECAR) conducts research that focuses on the protection of the environment.  The institute also facilitates environmental education and initiates advocacies and programs related to the protection and conservation of natural resources.

University Research Council (URC)

The University Research Council (URC) aims to help create a culture of research where inter- and multidisciplinary collaborations and external linkages are promoted and where research output is recognized, published and utilized as a response to the development needs of the academe and human communities.  It provides the University personnel, primarily faculty and designated student-researchers with research capability as support for advanced studies and specialization in their respective fields.

Center for the Culture and the Arts (CCA)

The Center for the Culture and the Arts (CCA) directs integrated programs in the humanities, culture and the arts that heighten the awareness of the faculty and students in the promotion and preservation of Bikol and Filipino culture that contributes to the holistic formation of the Ateneo de Naga University community, especially its students.

Ateneo de Naga University PRESS (UPress)

The University Press and the Educational Resource Center (UPERC) publishes books, monographs and journals that support research, instruction and creative endeavors.  It also promotes, sells and distributes textbooks and other educational peripherals in support of the education of the Bikolano youth, the intellectual development of Bikolanos, and the global promotion of Bikol’s culture and heritage.

Institutional Research Ethics Committee (IREC)

The Institutional Research Ethics Committee (IREC) ensures the ethical considerations in research projects proposed by faculty members and postgraduate students in the university undergo a thorough ethics review.  This review ensures that humans, animals, and the environment are exposed to minimal risks in relation to any benefit that might result from the implementation of the research projects.

Intellectual Property Committee (IPC)

Scholarly activities in Ateneo creates intellectual properties or IPs.  IPs includes research papers, books, software programs, new inventions, journal articles and other research or creative works.  The Intellectual Properties Committee in Ateneo de Naga University facilitates the dissemination of IPs and the protection of rights of all stakeholders.  The committee specifically handles the evaluation, disposition and appeals processes and determining the ownership rights of the University, its faculty, staff and students.