Office of Student Affairs – Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs


We envision the Office of Student Affairs to be an excellent center for student services and development in Bicol.


The Office of Student Affairs is committed to advance and respect the interest and rights of students, and to respond to their needs by providing effective services and relevant development programs, that they may become responsible and productive members of society.

Ignatian Core Values

    • Cura Personalis: In relating with students
    • Discerning Spirit: In making decisions
    • Magis: In serving the students
    • Men and Women for and with Others: In forming the students
    • Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: In view of our goal

The office’s clients are the students in general . OSA further deals with alumni who are former students, and deals with parents or teachers always in relation with our students . It shares in the integral formation of students through the promotion of student leaders and organizations’ training and development.

Areas of Work

    1. Support Services. OSA has overall responsibility for student services and welfare in the campus. This program essentially addresses the daily and practical aspects of a student’s life.
      1. Student Safety and Security
        • Processing and release of school ID
        • Processing and release of Uniform Exemption Pass, Conditional Uniform Exemption Pass and Temporary Uniform Exemption Pass
        • Conduct of semestral earthquake and fire drills
        • Monitoring of student activities and behavior in and outside the campus
        • Resolution to/investigate in minor and major disciplinary cases involving students
        • Processing of the approval of student activities
        • Accreditation of boarding houses and dormitories
        • Approval of posters and supervision of the use of bulletin boards
      2. Student Welfare
        • Processing of Student Insurance
        • Information and safekeeping of lost and found items
        • Information and release of mails for students
        • Dugong Atenista referral for ready and safe supply of blood for emergency situations
        • Supervision of the use of Xavier Hall offices for student organizations
        • Issuance of Good Moral Certificate
        • Supervision of the Public Address System
        • Supervision of the Beadle System and the maintenance of student attendance records
    2. Formation
      1. Values and discipline . OSA maintains a student culture of freedom in the context of responsibility. The office introduces and reminds students of the proper decorum through the publication of the College Student Handbook and the annual conduct of Upperclass Reorientation . It is responsible for the supervision and implementation of the Codes of Discipline and Conduct . With fairness and justice, OSA handles cases pertaining to violations of the provisions in the Code of Conduct .
      2. A major task of OSA is student leaders and organizations’ formation. Particularly, OSA focuses on three areas of growth, namely: Personal Spirituality, Social Responsibility and Competency Building, which are essential elements in shaping effective and conscientious student leaders . This mandate is concretized by the following roles and programs:
        • The newly launched Ateneo Leadership Development Program (ALDP) . The ALDP is a three-year program which will practically cover the academic years of student leaders . Although it is open to all, majority of its participants shall come from the student organizations who exercise and show leadership potentials either as officers or members. A full annual cycle of ALDP consists of the following: Ignatian Retreat, Immersion/Exposure, Summer Leadership Workshop, Semestral Leadership Workshop and Ignatian Leadership Companion. Formation programs like the Ateneo Workshop on Ignatian Leadership for Life, Dugong Atenista and National Situationer Updates are also incorporated into the program .
        • Supervision and Recognition/Accreditation of Student Organizations
        • Provision/Facilitation of local and international opportunities for student leadership (e .g . Ayala Young Leaders Congress, Jose Rizal Model Student of the Philippines, Ten Ousttanding Students of the Philippines, National Youth Parliament, etc .)
        • Formation of Student Volunteers through the Volunteers of OSA (VOSA), Dugong Atenista Donor Care and Class Beadles