Registrar’s Office (Colleges, Law, and Graduate School)


• Prepares, in consultation with the Vice-President for Academics, the academic school calendar for approval of the President and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED);
• Facilitates semestral and summer enrollment/registration;
• Prepares and submits all major reports required by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) such as:
• Enrollment quick count
• Current enrollment
• Enrollment report
• Promotion report
• NSTP report on serial numbers
• Basic Higher Education Data
• Unifast Report
• Foreign Students Data
• Controls flow, safety and security of files and records;
• Prepares reports needed by academic heads pertinent to the
academic performance of their respective students;
• Evaluates students on credits earned for every semester;
• Provides/Issues transfer credentials, transcript of records, diplomas, certifications, and other school documents;
• Prepares and releases the National Service Training Program’s (NSTP) serial numbers to all students;
• Handles scanning/digitizing of all student’s records;
• Handles ID Validation;
• Processes Certification, Authentication, and Verification of documents (CAV – CHED)
• Verifies of Records
• Processes Dean’s Honors List;
• Issue of Transcript of Records (TOR), Certifications, CHED- required documents;
• Processes Clearance of Students, Faculty, and Staff
• Attends to all communication regarding student’s records; and
• Prepares and supervises graduation rites


• Consolidates schedules of semestral and summer classes;
• Prepares/Allocates the use of rooms in coordination with the Graduate School Deans, (MA and MIS/MIT) and Department Chairs and Ateneo Teacher Training Program (ATTC);
• Submits classroom utilization report to the Vice President for Higher Education;
• Prepares and posts examination schedules one (1) week before the scheduled major exams;
• Schedules classroom for remedial and advanced classes;
• Approves classroom reservation requests
• Prepares, submits to CHED and distributes approved calendar
• Transacts with government offices or agencies regarding matters related to functions of the office