Goals and Objectives

In line with the Mission Statement of the Ateneo de Naga University, the College of Computer Studies aims to excel both in instruction and research in the field of Information and Computer Sciences to effectively contribute to poverty alleviation efforts in the Bicol Region by providing an alternative avenue in improving its economics through barrier-less technologies in Information and Computer Sciences.

The College of Computer Studies has the following goals:

  1. Establish the Ateneo de Naga University as the regional center for excellence in Information Technology education;
  2. Establish the Ateneo de Naga University as the  national center for digital arts and computer animation;
  3. Keep the lead in the region in terms of a competent faculty, curricular programs responsive to industry needs, and state-of-the-art facilities;
  4. Produce graduates who are able to make a positive contribution to the betterment of the life of the Bicolano.

The College of Computer Studies, through its curricular programs in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, and Digital Arts and Computer Animation, aims to produce graduates who shall be:

  1. Professionally competent and globally competitive. They shall possess the skills and qualifications responsive to the needs of the industry.
  2. Agents of social transformation. They shall be imbued with the Catholic and Jesuit values, committed to the pursuit of social justice and development.

The College of Computer Studies shall develop a significant core of its alumni an alumnae who will remain in Bikol and works for its development.


Computer Science. The Computer Science program aims to prepare students to design and create algorithmically complex software and develop new and effective algorithms to solve computing problems, design and implement software, and devise new ways to use computers.

Information Technology. The Information Technology program aims to prepare and equip students to effectively utilize hardware and software technologies in planning, installing, customizing, operating, managing and administering, and maintaining information technology infrastructure that provides computing solutions to address the needs of an organization.

Information Systems. The Information Systems program aims to prepare students to understand the complex technological and organizational factors which include system components, tools, techniques, strategies, and methodologies, that affect the successful implementation of an information system. They are able to help an organization determine how information and technology-enabled business processes can be used as strategic tool to achieve a competitive advantage.

Digital Illustration and Animation. The Digital Illustration and Animation program aims to prepare students to know, understand, and effectively work the whole pipeline of Digital Animation projects. The program prepares students to be digital animation professionals who are equipped with both creative and technical knowledge, skills, and values in conceptualizing, designing and producing animation products and solutions, and in managing such projects over different technology platforms. The students will acquire the independence and creative competencies to articulate project design and requirements of new projects, not necessarily based of standard templates.