ADNU got NCITE2016 Best Paper Award in Information Systems

The paper of Ralph Nicole N. Andalis, Jenek Michael L. Sarte, Jerick B. David, and Allan A. Sioson entitled “Web-Sched: A Collaborative Scheduling System” was recognized as Best Paper in the field of Information Systems during the 14th National Conference on Information Technology Education (NCITE 2016) last October 22, 2016. The research work features the schedule representation and conflict detection (Sioson) and the design and implementation of collaborative operations in a timetabling Web Application called Web-Sched (Andalis, Sarte, and David). The Web-Sched software prototype was accepted by the faculty of the Department of Computer Science in partial fullfillment of graduation requirements of Mr. Andalis, Mr. Sarte, and Mr. David (They all graduated with the degree BS Computer Science last March 2016).