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INECAR Conducts FGD for SWM Stakeholders of Naga City

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On 16-17 December 2020, the Institute for Environmental Conservation and Research (INECAR) together with its partners, the City Government of Naga and Naga City People’s Council (NCPC), conducted the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Workshop entitled Solid-Waste Management Project Identification and Prioritization at Pilgrims Hotel, Naga City.


The first day of FGD was attended by members of the multisectoral coalition representing national government agencies, City Government of Naga Offices, Barangay Local Government Units, Philippine National Police, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and the private sector. The second day was attended by officers and representatives of the different organized groups of the informal waste pickers and the Solid Waste Management Office of the City Government of Naga. The output of the two-day workshop was presented later on December 21, 2020, via Zoom application, before the Regional Directors of the different government agencies in the Bicol region to solicit feedback and support from them.




The objectives of the workshop were to achieve the following: revisit previous workshop results; present the research summary about solid waste management in Naga City; identify projects that can help reduce the solid waste generated by Naga City; prioritize projects for possible implementation. To achieve the said objectives, four (4) tools were applied to generate more ideas and participation from the participants. However, before actual FGD, the INECAR team decided to have a preliminary activity called 3Rs: Recollect, Re-examine, and Refocus. This preliminary activity asked the participants to review the things that have been agreed upon during the first workshop held last October 2019 and re-examine those if these were still doable and appropriate amidst the pandemic and series of natural calamities that happened. Moreover, participants were given the chance to realign themselves and focus on the things that still can be done beginning January 2021 onwards.



With the help of the facilitators from INECAR and assistance from Naga City Planning and Development Office, and the Naga City Peoples Council, participants were able to come up with their own Project Ideas that are aligned to localizing SDGs in the city. These projects were also assessed based on their strengths and weaknesses at the same time on their Opportunities and Threats to know if they are feasible. At the end of the sessions, participants felt grateful that the welfare of the informal waste sector was also considered in project identification and prioritization. The NCPC also prepared a little present for the Informal Waste Sector as Christmas gifts.



The FGD Workshop is the second activity under the UNESCAP SURM project entitled “Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into local action in support of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Asia and the Pacific” in partnership with the City Government of Naga and Naga City People’s Council.




by Jay P. Abawag