ADNU-CLG Hosts Its 8th Webinar

As COVID19 continues to wreak havoc, the youth plays a big role in flattening the curve. Aside from being the voice of the people, various youth groups and individuals initiate efforts such as relief works and operations and assisting their local government units to minimize the effects of the pandemic. In this context, the Ateneo de Naga University in coordination with the Graduate School-Master in Business Administration and Master in Public Administration Cluster conducted its 8th webinar focusing on the youth’s perception of social service and politics entitled “DAPAT ALL!” An Expression of Cura Personalis in Empowering the Youth Towards Local Development and Governance.

The resource speaker for this webinar is Mr. Kenneth Isaiah I. Abante, a Research Faculty of Ateneo de Manila University as well as the former Chief of Staff for the strategy, economics, and results group at the Department of Finance. He tackled solutions on different local issues such as traffic and CO2 emission from road vehicles and explained a five step engaged citizen framework. He also emphasized how we can utilize online platforms in raising youth engagement to conceptualize concrete civic participation and local development. Throughout the presentation it is highlighted that politics is about the people who are being affected by the reform and change of system and empowers the youth to be the change and not just wait for it.

This session is also joined by esteemed panel of reactor from the Ateneo de Naga University community. Mr. Rodolfo SB. Virtus, Jr., Director of the Office of Student Affairs, shares his perspective on the sense of innovation and political interest of the youth. Another reactor is Mr. Charles Michael G. Salas of the Graduate School Master in Business Administration who gives his inputs on political process and youth involvement in election specifically to remove inequalities in the government. Mr. Jadi Miguel O. Castroverde of the Graduate School Master in Public Administration also gave opinions on the youth participation in local development and the youth’s protest on social media as their way of political engagement. They also share their knowledge and ideas during the open forum.

The said webinar is facilitated by the moderator, Dr. Malu C. Barcillano, Director of Center for Local Governance. It is streamed in Facebook and YouTube where participants can raise their questions through live chats and comments.

Moreover, the live streaming was operated with collaborative assistance of technical support team composed of Mr. Sherwin B. Perez and Mr. Emmanuel P. Llorin of the James J. O’Brien, S.J. Library (headed by the University Librarian, Ms. Edna M. San Buenaventura).

To watch the recorder webinar, please refer to these links:

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by: Laizel Joy A. Rodulfo