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INECAR Completes Series of QGIS Training at Ateneo REGIS Hub

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The INECAR gave a series of Quantum Geographical Information System (QGIS) training for various LGU personnel and other interested participants with the final module delivered last May 2019. The training was conducted at the Regional Environmental Geographic Information Systems (REGIS) Hub of INECAR, Burns Hall, Ateneo de Naga University. Participants were composed of those who work in the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, Assessor’s Office, Municipal Planning and Development Office, and Mayor’s Office of the municipalities within the province of Camarines Sur.

The module for Basic QGIS was conducted on two batches. The first one was in 14-15 March and the second was in 28-29 March 2019. The training involved topics on the basic concepts of GIS and an introduction to the QGIS functions and environment. On the second day of each training, the participants had the chance to work on computer work stations where they got familiarized on the interface and were able to put into practice the functions discussed. Participants were provided user’s manual and installer. They were also given advice as to the minimum requirements of the hardware to run the QGIS software in their respective municipalities.

The second module, the Intermediate QGIS, was conducted as follow-up training for those who attended the Basic QGIS. It included topics on QGIS plugins and tools needed for data manipulation. The said training was also conducted into two batches, 11-12 April 2019 for the first run and 25-26 April 2019 for the second run. After the training, participants were able to have printed localized maps the participants themselves generated for their particular municipality.

The Advance QGIS was the last and final module of the series of training on QGIS. It was conducted on 16-17 May 2019 and attended by the same participants who attended the requisite two sets of training. The said training involved topics on batch processing, interpolation, and modeler. Participants also had the opportunity to generate Three Dimensional (3D) maps by themselves. In addition, an Android application was also introduced as an efficient way of data gathering from the field and incorporating the data gathered on QGIS afterward. To cap the series of training, participants who have completed the Basic, Intermediate, and Advance were given certificate of completion during the awarding of certificates.

The QGIS training offering was completed through Ruben Babar, Jr. and Engr. Jayrik San Buenaventura who served as trainers throughout the training. Meanwhile, Jay P. Abawag served as facilitator and coordinator of the event.


The Ateneo REGIS Hub of INECAR is dedicated to providing seminars and workshops for GIS-related matters, especially for Local Government Units, Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations, and People’s Organizations. This includes assistance through mapping of local communities using updated and latest software and hardware to aid in disaster risk reduction and other decision-making processes necessary to saving lives and the environment that nurtures it.

– by Jay P. Abawag