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Student Leaders Undergo Skills Training

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) conducted this school year’s first installment of Skills Development Training Workshop (SDTW) on August 12 and 13, 2017 at the Arrupe Retreat Center. It was attended by 66 student leaders from 32 organizations.

The two-day seminar-workshop aimed at facilitating the basic management and administrative skills of student leaders.

On Day 1, social entrepreneur and ADNU faculty Leciel Ramos served as resource speaker on the topic, Facilitating a Meeting/Discussion. As affirmed by participants, the group activities helped them understand the issues and challenges which they confronted and facilitate in their respective organizations.


In the morning of Day 2, Rodolfo Virtus Jr., OSA director, shared principles, procedures, tools, and his experiences in Organizing an Activity/Event. In the workshop, the students were challenged to work as a team despite the fact that they were coming from different groups.



Psychology faculty Catherine Bobis talked about Managing a Conflict in the afternoon. The participants acknowledged the relevance of the topic since, as mostly newly elected officers, they undergo a transition and experience difficulties and conflicts in the process.


The ABCs of Leadership was participated in by 66 officers from 32 student organizations, as part of their continuing formation in OSA’s Ateneo Leadership Development Program or ALDP. SDTW addresses one of the areas of growth of the program, which is competency-building. The other two are Personal Spirituality and Social Responsibility, which are carried out through by other ALDP offerings like the Ateneo Workshop on Ignatian Leadership for Life (A-WILL), thematic sessions, conversation circles, self-awareness workshops, and prayer sessions, among others.

The next SDTW session is scheduled on October 6, with the topic, Consensus Decision-Making.