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Ateneans Take a Stand Against SC Ruling on Marcos Burial

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On Tuesday, 8 November at around 3:30 PM, another history happened in the country when the Supreme Court’s final verdict was announced to the public.

Despite of the several movements and petitions from different sectors in the society that sought to stop the burial of the Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the SC voted 9-5 allowing Marcos be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Candle Lighting Candle Lighting

Dismayed by the ruling of the Supreme Court, numerous protests are mobilized in support to the arguments opposed by the five magistrates. Ateneo de Naga University, being an institution who believes in the power of justice and truth, is one of those organizations who took a stand against the news. On 9 November, a day after the decision, University President Fr. Primitivo E. Viray, Jr, SJ presided over the mass at the Christ the King Church attended by the Faculty, staff and students-Ateneans and non-Ateneans. This is in solidarity with the families who are seeking for justice for forty-four years since Martial Law was declared. After the mass, everyone has gathered at the four pillars for candle lighting. But before this event takes place, another prayer was offered and Fr. Viray expressed his gratefulness to all who attended in this protest. He reminded them that even though the decision is irrevocable, everybody should still take a stand and use the blaze that they have in their heart to strive for the better. In this candle lighting, they remembered and honored those Martial Law’s victims who sacrificed their life for the democracy of the Philippines.

This is the second time where Ateneo community marched together against this issue. ADNU held a torch rally last August 31 that took place at Plaza Quezon. Albeit, just like any other battle, in victory and defeat, Ateneo’s flag will be raised high and continue fighting.

by Alma Jane L. Babilonia