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ASRP-ASSRC Conducts Participatory Rapid Appraisal

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The Ateneo Student Researchers Pool (ASRP), under the guidance of the Ateneo Social Science Research Center (ASSRC), successfully conducted the Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) in Barangay Paniman, Caramoan, Camarines Sur on 7 September 2016. The activity generally aims to design a new project that will improve coastal resource management and livelihood at the barangay in the context of climate change.


Ten residents and local leaders participated in the research event conducted at the Breeze and Waves Resort. Aside from the plenary discussions, participants were also organized in small groups according to thematic areas of interest. The PRA employed several data gathering tools and techniques, which include Population Description, Livelihood Resources Mapping, Identification of Climate Hazards, Intensity, Frequency and Trend Line, Hazard Mapping and Vulnerability Matrix, Climate Impact Chains, and Identification of Response Strategies.



PRA is one of the regular research outputs of the ASRP and is one of the major components of the scholars’ training program. It is a learning process employed to understand rural conditions using a number of participatory tools which involve the participation of local inhabitants during the process. After data collection, the results are published for the benefit of the various development stakeholders in the subject localities.