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OSA Launches Osipon Dialogue Series on Student Services

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The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) launched the first in a series of conversations between students and administrators on student services.

The Osipon series provides the students with a venue where they can express their experiences of the various services and programs, and to suggest improvements. The administrators, in turn, can respond to the students, explain their side and present plans to address the students’ concerns.

Organizer OSA strategically taps the student leaders to attend the dialogue since they represent their respective groups and their members’ sentiments.



As an initial offering, OSA facilitated the dialogue for the Office of Administrative Services (OAS), represented by its Director, Br. Raymund Belleza, S.J. The OAS, through Br. Belleza, supervises the maintenance, security and health services in the University.

On 23 July student leaders will have the opportunity to have a conversation with Fr President Primitivo Viray Jr, SJ Three more installments of the series are scheduled in School Year 2016-2017.