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Nanding Josef Visits ADNU

Ferando C. Josef, the artistic director of Tanghalang Pilipino, ignited the passion of ADNU theater enthusiasts during his visit last 20 July 2016 at the Instructional Media Center.

The renowned actor shared his struggles as an artist, and at the same time how he overcame them. He inspired the participants as he imparted the values of theater production, directing, and acting in transforming a person and, in turn, the society. He emphasized the significance of humility and knowing oneself in theater acting.

Nanding also had a dialogue with panelists Ann Padin (president of the newly-formed theater organization in the university Teatro Aliento de Ateneo), Seth Turiano (a student of Speech and Drama Workshop class), and Dr. Vasil Victoria (Filipino teacher).

“Kailangan kilalanin mo muna ang sarili mo, ang nangyayari sa’yo sa tuwing nakakaramdam ka ng selos, galit bago mo ito ipahiram sa iba,” said the director when asked how to internalize a role effectively.

Finally, he promoted the rerun of Ibalong: The Musical which will be staged on 16-17 August 2016 at the Ibalong Centrum in Legazpi City.

The dialogue was organized by the Department of Literature and Language Studies.