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Ginigirumdum Mi Ika, Fr OB

The Ateneo de Naga University, in collaboration with AdNU High School Class 1966, commemorated the birth anniversary of Fr James O’Brien, SJ with “Ginigirumdum Mi Ika, Fr OB.



The event began with a Mass presided by the Acting University Chaplain, Fr Angelo Silerio, SJ. A simple program followed, marked by the welcome address of Fr President Primitivo Viray, Jr, SJ.

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Part of the program was the launching of the O’Bikoliana, a legacy project of High School Class ’66 in honor of their high school educator, Fr James O’Brien, SJ. The O’Bikoliana is a section in the university library dedicated as a repository of Bikol books and other related materials for the purpose of preserving and promoting Bikol culture and history. After the launch, selected members of AdNU High School Class 66 shared their unforgettable moments with the Jesuit priest during his stay here in Bikol. Special guest Angel Aquino, a renowned actress in Manila, was also invited to share her memories of Fr OB. Ms Aquino was a recipient of the Tulong Dunong Scholarship Program which Fr OB started in AdMU.