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SAGA Night 2015

28 February 2015 — the AdNU College Athletics Community gathered at the Avenue Convention Plaza for its annual Student-Athletes’ Night, SAGA. The event was attended by more than 120 student-athletes and coaches from the different sports catered by the College Athletics Office—Badminton (Men & Women), Basketball (Team A & B), Football (Men & Women), Swimming (Men & Women), Volleyball (Men & Women), and The Ateneo Golden Cavalry.

graduating - Ateneo Golden Cavalry Student Managers

The College Athletics Office is honored to have Hon. Leni Gerona-Robredo as its guest speaker for the event. Despite her scheduled trip to Manila that night, Hon. Robredo decided to take some time to drop by and share with the members of the AdNU Athletics the joys and benefits of being a student-athlete coming from the perspective of a parent, specifically, a mother. She shared to the group her life stories on how it was to be a parent to athletes specifically swimmers and the benefits of sports in one’s life—the benefit of hindsight. She recalled waking up at 4 am in the morning to take care of her children’s needs for the training until 6 in the morning. She added that after classes, her kids would go back to the pool to train again. She also shared the email sent by her late husband Jesse Robredo to their daughter Aika which gave emphasis on hard work and sacrifice, which she eventually connected with the struggles and joys of being an athlete. She said that in being an athlete, there are victories and defeats, joys and sacrifices that will give you learning and experience which will be helpful in one’s life in the future. She also cited Enchong Dee who was once a swimmer and academic achiever at De La Salle University. She said that Enchong shared to her that his training as an athlete helped him cope with the stressful schedule of his career in the entertainment industry. Lastly, she acknowledged the athletes and inspired them to continue doing what they love to do, reminding them of the joys and sacrifices and of course the discipline that they will get as a student-athlete.

Coach Jec And Atty. Leni

The event gave recognition to the members of the ADNU College Athletics who have performed well in his/her academics. The College Honors during the first semester of the SY 2014-2015 were given recognition and a token for their hardwork. They were awarded with the Mens Sana In Corpore Sano Award—the award given to a student-athlete who have excelled in their academic performance while being student-athlete. The awardees were:
– Alberto, Anna
– De Los Martirez, Arlee Jaynee
– Punzalan, Camille
– Padua, Maria Catalina
– Salivio, Rose Jasmin
– Bordado, Francesca Marie
– Beraquit, Jose Isidro
– Marcaida, Sendy Ros
– Barcelon, Abigail
– Barcelon, Princess

Coach Jec and Oskie wit Team Naga Selection Coach Jec and Awardee - JI Beraquit

The event also gave recognition to the members (student-athletes and coaches) of the ADNU College Athletics who have excelled in his/her chosen field of sports. The following awards were also given based on the nominations made by each teams. The Coach of the Year received and will enjoy a 2-day accommodation at The Avenue Plaza Hotel, compliments of The Avenue Square Hotel. The awards are as follows:

Rookie of the Year
– Beraquit, Jose Isidro (Swimming) – Individual Event
– Desalisa, Sherwin Joseph (Cavalry) – Team Event

Coach of the Year
– Coach Charlie San Jose (Volleyball)
Lastly, the activity was made lively by the games and interaction which came about in the duration of the event. The teams have actively participated during the program. The nautical-themed event also gave prizes to the best dressed, male and female. The event was also attended by some members of the Team Naga High School Selection (Basketball) who were invited to grace the event.

by Oskie Nunez and Kayla Lynn Sebastian