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Simulated Earthquake Drill & Rescue 2014

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At 4:15 PM of September 30, 2014, a siren signaled the start of the university-wide Earthquake Drill. Students, Faculty and Staff were directed to observe the DUCK, COVER, AND HOLD position as the alarm sounded for one minute. The School-based Disaster Risk Reduction Management Group facilitated the evacuation procedures to the five Places of Rallying Points around the campus.

The personnel of the Bureau of Fire and Protection, headed by Chief Fire Inspector Rachel Verbo, were present to evaluate the drill procedures including the simulated search and rescue operations by the SBDRRMG Rescue Group and Red Cross.

The whole drill lasted for 24 minutes as recorded in the Command Center, headed by the SBDRRMG Vice-Chair Elmer Santo Domingo Jr. (also serving as the Incident Commander). Immediately after the drill, an Evaluation Activity was conducted to further improve the performance of the university community in responding to disaster drills.

The SBDRRMG wishes to thank the members of the university community who wholeheartedly participated in the Simulated Earthquake Drill and Rescue.