1. The applicant must first take the Entrance Exam. To take the said exam:

i.   Seek payment form from the Testing Office.

ii.  Pay the testing fee of P 120 at the Treasurer’s Office.

iii. Present the Official Receipt to the Testing Office. You will be then receive a username and password to access the online registration.

iv.  Access the site given and fill out the necessary information (i.e. personal data and examination details).

a. Type the in your
browser. For better use of the system, kindly use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
AVOID using Microsoft Edge. For inquiries/concerns, please call (054) 881-4144
or send an email to

b. Log in using the Username and Password given to you.

c. Type your Complete Name and indicate your Sex. Read the “Data Collection
Agreement”. Click the box beside “I hereby declare…” to put a check, then click  “Continue”

d. For the BASIC INFORMATION, type your Home Address, Citizenship, Religion,
Contact Information, Birth Date & Birth Place. Then click “Next”.

e. For the EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND, indicate your “Previous School” (wait for the lists of school to appear). Type the “School Address”. Indicate your “Year      Graduated/Last Year Attended”. Type the “Recognition(s)/Awards” you have received (if you have any). Indicate your “Present Educational Level”. Then click  “Next”.

f. For the FAMILY INFORMATION, type your Mother and Father’s First Name,
Last Name (type his/her suffix if he/she have one), Middle Name, Occupation,
Email address and Contact Number. Indicate you Guardian’s First Name,
Last Name (type his/her suffix if he/she has), Middle Name, Occupation,
Email address and Contact Number if you are not staying with your
parents. Then click “Next”.

g. For the EXAMINATION DETAILS, indicate your Applicant Status (Freshman,
Transferee or Re-admission) and when do you Intend to enroll (1st Semester, 2nd Semester or Summer). For the Exam Schedule, indicate your preferred School Year, Exam Type (Regular or Scholarship), Exam Date,
Exam Time and Exam Venue.

h. Type “Date of the OR” (located at the upper right of your receipt) and your “OR
Number” (located at the lower right of the receipt with red font color).

i. Choose your three Preferred Courses (1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice). Wait
for the lists of courses offered to appear.

j. Double check all the needed information, make sure you did not leave any blank area
especially the required information with red asterisk. When you have
completely filled out all the information, click FINISH wait for a moment to submit
your data.

k. You will know that your data have been saved if you see the “Well done!
Successfully added. Please click here to download now your application
 form.” Click the “click here” for you to be able to see your testing form.

l. Print the form, affix your signature over your printed name. Attach your 2×2 Picture
with white background. Additional requirement for College is the photocopy
of Senior High School ID.

m. Read the REMINDERS/INSTRUCTIONS & TO BRING to know other important
details. Failure to present the requirements and permit on the exam date will result
the examinee to be rescheduled on the next testing schedule.