College Admissions and Aid Office

 Admission Policies

   The College Admissions and Aid Office (CAAO) is a student service office performing academic support functions within Ateneo de Naga University, Bikol’s Jesuit educational institution.

   As the admissions office of the colleges, CAAO will accept applicants who are either “qualified or show the potential and desire to meet the University’s high standards of education and formation.” Once admitted, we will facilitate their entry by providing other offices the information they need to help the students rise to the level of the Profile of the Graduate: competent, committed to change, conscientious, and Christ-centered.

   As an aiding arm of the University, CAAO will distribute scholarships and other available means of financial assistance to deserving students in accordance with the University’s resolve to alleviate poverty in Bikol through a science, engineering, and technology thrust.

  Only upon satisfactory completion of prerequisites on the deadlines set by the CAAO may the students be granted admission. It is a policy of the Ateneo de Naga University that all applicants for college are to take and pass the Entrance Examination. Only those who are already graduates with a bachelor’s degree and are enrolling for a second course are exempted from taking the Entrance Examination.

   Returning students who have stopped for four semesters or two years should likewise take and pass the said examination before they can be readmitted to the college. Placement of students into their chosen course will depend or be based on their performance in the Admission Placement Examination. All applicants must undergo an admission interview and course advising.