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Ateneo Child Learning Center


DAILY SCHEDULE Meeting Time (20-30 minutes)

Children are gathered for greetings, songs, calendar and sharing. This is also the time to introduce or plan the activities for the day. Children exchange ideas and experiences through Show and Tell.

Work Areas and Skill Building (30-45 minutes)

Children are divided into small groups specifically for Math and Language activities. Children may also stay at different learning centers in the classroom such as Arts, Creative Dramatics, Blocks, etc.

Theme Activity (30-45 minutes)

This is the time to discuss big group projects on selected themes based on the interests of children. Teacher facilitates activities to enrich the children’s understanding of certain concepts like food, transportation, etc.

Outdoor Play (15-20 minutes)

Children get daily opportunities to be physically challenged and to use their big muscles through group games and the use of outdoor equipment.

Self Help (20-30 minutes)

The Center provides for feeding program to promote good health and nutrition. Children are encouraged to be independent in cleaning-up themselves after eating like washing hands, brushing teeth, changing clothes, etc.

Story and Rest time (15-20 minutes)

Children have time to engage in quiet activities like reading books, taking a short nap and listen to a story.


It’s time to go…Children line-up and get ready for going home.