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Children are perceived as unique individuals who develop in their own pace. They are believed to have great potentialities of realizing full growth and development when given ample opportunities to engage in v aried learning activities. They play active roles in pursuing their interests by formulating questions and discovering answers, through actual manipulation, exploration and interaction with both physical and social environment.


Childhood is considered as a valuable stage in life cycle which needs to be enhanced through rich appropriate learning opportunities involving fun and pleasant experiences with people and activities. Children need time to be children and enjoy ample occasions to play.


ACLC uses the Integrated Curriculum in planning and organizing the children’s learning. Principles, materials, equipment and activities are age-appropriate. Different needs, interests and developmental levels of children are addressed.

The teacher acts as a facilitator rather than the authority inside the classroom. The teacher guides the learning of the children by preparing a stimulating environment and planning activities that promote critical thinking, creative expression and positive attitude towards classmates. The teacher observes the children and determines their interests so that she can devise a curriculum that is well-suited for them.

The progressive teacher is very resourceful. She works hand-in-hand with the child’s family and community to be able to provide children with meaningful and relevant experiences. She is flexible, warm and approachable. She is always ready to provide information, plan activities that challenge the children and give comfort when needed.


ACLC aims to make a difference in the lives of Bikolano children by putting a program that is built on their interests, needs and baseline skills. It applies the Multiple Intelligences as a learning framework. Children are exposed to the different ways of thinking – Visual-Linguistic, Logico-Mathematical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical-Rhythmic, Natural-Physical, Visual-Spatial, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal. This is made possible through the Integrated Curriculum which integrates the different curricular areas.


The task of ACLC is to develop the whole child – to increase competence in all aspects. It is the ultimate goal of the Center to assist in the formation of integrated individuals who will be future “men and women for others”. It is hope that their short stay in the Center will imbibe them with values like a deep love for God and loyalty for country, respect for elders and families, appreciation for history and culture, service to mankind and passion for peace.