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College of Education Sponsors Webinar on Brain-Based Education

On the occasions of the 25th Founding Anniversary of the College of Education and on the closing of the Ignatian Year, the College of Education through the Ateneo Teacher Training Center (ATTC) and the Fr. James O’ Brien Library with the support of Quipper Philippines, C & E Publishing, and C & E Logistics sponsored a webinar on brain-based education for free on July 29, 2022, via zoom.

The webinar provided an opportunity for teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, parents, students, and education advocates to learn about cutting-edge neuroscience with practical and user-friendly classroom strategies to overcome challenging teaching environments. It was designed to highlight educational advances in learning and the brain and provided an available approach to developing students’ inner talents and gifts based on the latest research on brain-based education. Specifically, it aimed to (1) acquire knowledge of the latest research on brain-based education, (2) engage in a discussion and direct applications of brain-based education to the classroom, and (3) share brain-based teaching and learning strategies.

In the welcome address, Dr. Ma. Luz T. Badiola, Dean of the College of Education, gave an overview of the Ignatian Year and the rationale of the webinar to the participants. Invited speakers were Dr. Marcia Corazon P. Rico, Professor of the Bicol University, and Dr. Teresita T. Rungduin, Professor of the Philippine Normal University. They were properly introduced by Mrs. Marianne A. Permale, the Chair of Elementary and Secondary Education, and by Ms. Edna San Buenaventura, University Librarian, respectively.

Immediately, Dr. Rico proceeded to her presentation, the brain-based teaching and learning principles. Active participation was very evident as participants actively engaged in all activities provided by the speaker. To encourage more to participate, the speaker gave 25 prizes for the quickest to answer, most active participant, and many more. Teaching demonstrations on how brain-based learning may be applied in the classroom were clearly done. At the end of the morning session, she asked the participants about their AHA moments – their takeaways from the talk.

The afternoon session of Dr. Rungduin dwelt on how brain-based learning is multi-disciplinary since it is anchored on neuroscience, psychology, and technology, among many others. She also provided suggestions on how deep learning can be fostered in the class and brain-based education/learning can improve cognition/memory, learning, and success. How brain-based neuroscience education is studied was also discussed. She also shared her research findings on brain-based learning. The presentation was very engaging that many participants shared insights, their experiences, and practices on how brain-based education is applied in school.

The webinar was attended by teachers, students, and school administrators all over the Philippines. The event was hosted by Mr. Omar Vasquez, a faculty of Ateneo Grade School and an alumnus of the College Batch 2008. The activity was made possible with the support of the Fr. James O’ Brien Library through the leadership of Ms. Edna San Buenaventura and the technical support of Mr. Sherwin Perez, Mr. Emmanuel Llorin, and Ms.Lenny Golles and also the help of the ATTC staff, Ms. Azenith A. Santorce, Mr. Jon-jon Elicay, and Mr. Gerardo Matos.

By Jon-jon Elicay, ATTC Staff


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