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Adnu OSA accredits Housing for Students with F2F classes

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) released a new list of accredited student housing facilities after reviving pre-pandemic committee work like ocular inspection. This came after the University President’s approval of the committee’s recommendation to recognize eighteen (18) boarding houses and dormitories in Naga City.

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The said student-safety service aims at providing students from other places outside Naga City a list of student-housing facilities that are secure, near the campus, convenient to studies, and compliant with government regulations.

Through the OSA, in coordination with other University offices, legally-operating housing facilities available around the university area went through an ocular inspection; the accreditation team, composed of the OSA Director Rodolfo SB. Virtus Jr., OSA Coordinator for Student Support Services and Linkages Maria Josephine I. Reyes, Administrative Services Office’s Travel and General Services Staff Marlon O. Agravante, University Health Office’s Administrator Merle F. Palcon, Parent-Teachers Association Representative Ariel D. Goingo, and Student Representatives Aron John M. Tres Reyes and Kazzandra A. Seton, visited the boarding houses and dormitories on June 28 and 29, 2022. The team evaluated the houses using a special tool which considers various factors, such as facilities and amenities, safety and security, comfort and convenience, cleanliness and sanitation, affordability, and accommodation capacity.

After the committee’s deliberation of the evaluation results from the ocular visits, eight (8) houses garnered an Excellent rating, while the other ten (10) houses gained a Very Satisfactory rating.

The owners/representatives of the accredited houses convened on August 12, 2022 for a meeting called by OSA. During this assembly, the office relayed the results of the accreditation, and facilitated a sharing of the facilities’ best practices as well as concerns. Furthermore, the association of the accredited houses’ operators, which was inactive during the course of the pandemic, has finally elected a new set of officers for this year on the same afternoon.

With this development, the OSA envisions that in further improving the accreditation service, the accredited facilities will again be closely working with the office. Moreover, the re-establishment of the association is also expected to enable its members to come together and constantly improve their facilities and services for the students.

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