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Leadership Development and Succession Program 2017

With rapt attention, the administrators of the various Ateneo offices participated and listened intently to the discussions during the seminar-workshop held last 22-23 May 2017 at The Village, San Bernardino, Calabanga, Camarines Sur. The seminar entitled, “Enhancing the Practice of Basic Supervision,” is part of the planned series of trainings aimed to further the competence of all Ateneo de Naga University’s leaders. These trainings are spearheaded by the HRMO’s Leadership Development and Succession Program. Digna P. Alba, Ph.D. and Tita A. Go, Ph.D. expertly handled the sessions.

Foremost among the sessions appreciated by the participants was the case-analysis session about an office head and the stiff opposition he encountered from his staff regarding an innovation he introduced. Not only that the presented case closely hits home, it also allowed the participants to immediately employ the theories and concepts about modern organizations and effective leadership discussed earlier.

Moreover, the participants had the chance to identify their personal style in handling office-related conflicts and the opportunity to reflectively review the job description of their respective offices. The participants found much inspiration from each other when during the second day, the administrators were grouped into three where everyone had the chance to talk about their lived experience and concerns as administrators of the Ateneo.

As the seminar is geared towards forming Ignatian leaders, the need to cultivate camaraderie among the various members of the University community, similar to that with Ignatius and the founding fathers of the Jesuits, is imperative. The seminar therefore included enjoyable instructive sessions. To help strengthen this goal, a socials night was also held on the evening of the first day where the participants got to play various games tailored-fit to the group. All games were played without the participants having to leave their seats.

The seminar’s first day ended with a mass amidst thunder and torrential rains. The second day started off with an early morning body praise.

The seminar-workshop ended on a high note – the participants expressed their desire to have similar sessions in the future.

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