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Students, VPHE Dialogue in Osipon series

Vice President for Higher Education, Dr. Alfredo Fabay and students met for a dialogue on 27 September 2016 at the Instructional Media Center.

The activity was the third installment of Osipon Dialogue Series organized by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Launched this school year, Osipon is a venue for students, through student organizations, and administrators to share feedback, plans and progress on student services.

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Since the VPHE was the featured office/administrator, the dialogue covered issues, programs and policies relative to academics. The students shared their experiences, questions and suggestions on various concerns such as attendance policy, teacher evaluation, schedule of exams and classes, eligibility for honors, and the impact of K-12 reform on the college’s curriculum.

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Dr. Fabay promised the students to bring their concerns to the attention of teachers and academic units, and to constantly update them about the agenda of his office and the Higher Education Council related to student services.

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