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LGA Appoints Dr Barcillano to Assess the LGRRC in Caraga Region

The Local Government Academy (LGA) conducted the 2014 Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) Assessment simultaneously for seventeen LGRRCs in various regions in the country on 1-3 December 2014.

The assessment was conducted in order to, first, identify the level of performance of each LGRRCs; second, describe the achievements and lessons learned; and finally, define strategies and services in sustaining the LGRRCs operations. It also intended to seek multi-sectoral perspective in utilizing the delivery of capacity development services to Local Government Units.

The Data Collection processes which were utilized included the use of Questionnaires, Workshop Guide, Interview Guide and Finding report format. The respondents were: Manager(s), Linkage focal person(s), multimedia & information local person(s), public education focal person(s) and capacity development focal person(s) of the assessed LGRRCs.


The result of the Assessment served as the baseline reference to distinguish sustainable mechanisms and possible future interventions; and to recognize the most outstanding LGRRC of the year. The performance level descriptions were Good, Better and Best.

The Ateneo de Naga University-Center for Local Governance is one of the Member-Institutes of the LGA – LoGoTRI-PhilNet (Local Governance Training and Research Institutes-Philippine Network), with this, Dr. Malu C. Barcillano was identified by the LGA to be one of the Assessors for the said Assessment. She was designated to conduct the assessment of the LGRRC in Caraga Region with Dino Ponsaran of the Department of the Interior and Local Government of Iloilo City.

by Benita Michele C. Verdadero

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