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COE Organizes 2-Day SW on Visualization Techniques & Media

The Ateneo de Naga University College of Education initiated a Seminar Workshop on Visualization Techniques and Media last 12-13 July 2014 at the Bro Richie Fernando Hall and Xavier Hall.

The participants were composed of students from Principles and Methods of Teaching 1 and 2, Educational Technology (Ed Tech) 1 and 2, Practicum, and the Graduate School. Estrella “Star” B. Prior, a former instructor in the College and currently working as a teacher and a freelance international consultant in Myanmar, served as the guest speaker.

On the first day of the seminar, Ms. Prior discussed the Structured Learning Experiences (SLE) method of teaching in which three SLEs entitled “The Art Gallery,” “The Dockyard Communication,” and “The T-shirt Exercise” were conducted. Through these activities, she emphasized points on what and how a teacher should be in order to have an effective teaching-learning process, how essential is clear communication among teachers and students & the importance of having and knowing the objectives, and how students learn best through their different learning styles. The speaker also tackled the second method, Experiential Learning Cycle (ELC), which is composed of steps namely Experiencing, Publishing, Processing, Generalizing, and Applying.

The following day, several students creatively gave the recap of the previous lessons discussed through a live news reporting. The speaker then commenced the next discussion through a Memory Test participated by the Practicum students, in which the audience joined as well. Topics on the different learning styles of students and on the different visualization tools were presented next. The speaker has also shared several creative ways in producing effective instructional material which the teachers, as well as future educators, who have attended the seminar could use in teaching.
The whole afternoon session was alloted for the participants to produce visual materials with their respective classes. Afterwards, a gallery tour was made.

by Jesslei Gueriba
Photos by Cecille San Buenaventura

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