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Remontados Bags Another Championship

The Ateneo Remontados Debate Society bagged the championship once more in the recent Xavier Cup South Luzon Debate Tournament held last March 24-27, 2014. The winning team was ADNU Targaryen, composed of Trojan Cloyd Monoy (BSA 3), Dianne Rubios (BS Psychology 3), and Mark Fidel Azur (AB Political Science 4).

The finalists included Team ADNU Stark, composed of Damine David Paglinawan (BSBA LM 2), Michael David Tionloc (BSBA LM 2), and Denzel Macaraig (AB BSE English 1). The semi-finalists included Team ADNU Lannister, composed of Juddene Bernardo (BSBA LM 2) Mariegrace Regine Vizcarra (BSA 2), Jose Miguel Valenzuela (BSBA Management 2); and Team ADNU Baratheon, composed of Kyne Tofy Emmanuel Espiritu (BSBA MM 2), Salve Regina Orcullo (BS ECE 3), and Psydimae Oatemar (BSA 3).

The Best Speaker award was given to Remontados Coach Percival Tordilla, third Best Speaker was Kevin Bonafe (Remontados Alumnus), fourth was Trojan Cloyd Monoy, sixth Michael David Tionloc, seventh Denzel Macaraig, eighth Mariegrace Regine Vizcarra, and tenth Damine David Paglinawan and Mark Fidel Azur. The Finals Best Speaker was Dianne Rubios.

The Best Adjudicator award was given to Merryl Josephine Garcia (Remontados Alumna), second Best Adjudicator was Lailani Murillo (BSBA LM 3) and the fourth was given to Annie Fante (Remontados Alumna).

Congratulations once again to the Remontados and the ever-supportive and ever-helpful Coach Tords!

—Submitted by Dr. Bernadette Gavino-Gumba, Remontados Moderator

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