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International Journal Publishes Dr Gumba`s Study

One of the studies of Dr. Bernadette Gumba, Associate Professor of Economics and faculty of the Department of Social Sciences, entitled “Women`s Control of the Means of Production and Economic Output in a Poor Municipality in the Philippines” has been published by the Humanities and Social Sciences Review (HSSR), CD-ROM. ISSN: 2165-6258 :: 2(2):273–282 (2013) Copyright 2013 by

The HSSR offers a link between academics who seek to publish peer reviewed articles for the study of human experience, thought and action – from psychology, sociology, and anthropology, to religion, sports, world history, and literature. The review keeps readers up-to-date with innovative solutions and new findings. Its editors include Nancy Mathes of International Journal of Arts and Sciences, USA, Joseph Bonnici of the Central Connecticut State University, USA, Joseph Azzopardi of the University of Malta, Malta, and Mary Allen of the, USA.

This research was made possible through the financial grant from the Commission on Higher Education Zonal Research Center (CHED-ZRC). Dr. Gumba has presented this paper at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference held last May 26-30, 2013 at the Harvard University, Boston, USA.

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