The University Research Council (URC)

As a working council, the  URC abides by a lateral, coordinative, and interactive (as opposed to hierarchical, directive, and detached) organizational approach (see Proposed Organizational Structure). It is an auxiliary of the Office of the University President, from which its mandate emanates and on whose behalf it works. It works in synergy with other bodies, colleges, and units in the University. As facilitator, it harnesses and mobilizes differing capacities of members of the University towards the achievement of its tasks.

Projects under URC:
2010 - 2011 (PhP 1,112, 822.90)
  1. [RES] Understanding Penafrancia Devotion among the Bikolanos in Camarines Sur and Naga City (Dr. Cristina P. Lim and Mr. Lauro C. Lleno)
  2. [TEC] University Integrated Information System Admissions and Aid Office Module Major Partial Revision (Mr, Jesus SJ. Tabinas, Jr.)
  3. [WRI] General Chemistry Laboratory Manual Revision Project (Ms. Judy Del Valle-Perez)
  4. [RES] Crosses and Ceremonials: Healing As Narrative Among Bikolanos (Mr. Tito G. Valiente)
  5. [RES] An Konsepto kan "Tood" asin an Pilosopiya nin Pagtood, pagkanood asin Pakikipagtood kan mga Bikolano (Mr. Victor John M. Loquis)
2009 - 2010 (PHP 1,333,644.30)
  1. [WRI] Masining na pagpapahayag (Dr. Evelyn Autor and Vasil Victoria)
  2. [WRI] A Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual (Engr. Ferdinand Bien)
  3. [TEC] Improving and Customizing Moodle: An Open-source Course Management System (Joshua C. Martinez)
  4. [TEC] On-line Interactive Course Chooser (Magno Edilberto Conag III)
  5. [RES] A Comparative Study on the Hypoglycemic Properties of Extracts of some Indigenous Medicinal Plants in Mt. Asug, Iriga City on Alloxan-Iduced Diabetic Mice (Dr. Ramona Serrano-Renegado)
  6. [RES] Mapping and Inventories of Mangrove and Coral Taxa of Grachitorena, Camarines Sur (Dr. Michael Clores and Mr. Salvador Saavedra)
  7. [RES] Possible Impact of the Libmanan-Cabusao Dam Project (LCDP) on the Local Communities and Environment of Lupi and Sipocot, Camarines Sur (Dr. Emelina G. Regis)
2008-2009 (PHP 1,693,485.30)
  1. [WRI] Documentation of a Teacher's Manual to Teach Psychological Statistics with the Use of the Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and A Student’s Manual in Psychological Statistics (Dr. Lynette Mendoza)
  2. [RES] Survey and Monitoring of Invasive Plant Species in the Mt. Isarog National Park (Dr. Michael Clores)
  3. [WRI] Construction Materials and Testing Laboratory Manual (Engr. Ferdinand Bien)
  4. [RES] A special survey on the Penafrancia Devotion in Ateneo de Naga University. (Fr. David John Delos Reyes, SJ)
  5. [RES] A special survey on the Penafrancia Devotion in Naga City (Fr. David John Delos Reyes, SJ)
  6. [RES] Basic Data on the Penafrancia Devotion in Camarines Sur. (Fr. David John Delos Reyes, SJ)
  7. [RES] Aggregate Gradation Optimization of Locally Available Aggregates in Bicol for Enhanced Concrete Mix Design (Engr. Herminio A. Magpantay)
  8. [RES] Construction and Validation of an Inventory of Study Skills and Attitudes (Margarita F. Fajardo)
  9. [RES] Factors Affecting Work Productivity of Ateneo de Naga University Employees (Marieth S. Brillo)
2007-2008 (PHP 1,630,670.00)
  1. [WRI] An Electronics 1 Lab Manual (Engr. Anacleto Casimiro)
  2. [WRI] Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) Printing and Reproduction of Final Typescript (ASRP)
  3. [WRI] Elementary and Higher Surveying Lab Manual (Engr. Ferdinand Bien)
  4. [RES] The Effect of Mercury on the Anti-Bacterial Property of Medicinal Plant Artemisia vulgaris (Artamisa), Coleus amboinicus (Oregano), and Mentha arvensis (Herbabuena) Against Staphylococcus aureus (Ma. Aurora Conde, Dr. Ramona Serrano-Renegado, and Donnabel Magno)
  5. [RES] The Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) and Turbo-coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) Systems Bit Error Rate (BER) Performance Comparison Over a Power Line Communications (PLC) Channel (Engr. Referendo Soriano)
  6. [TEC] Computer Science Single Log-On System (CSLOS): A Unified Log-on, Authentication, and File Storage System (Rey Herman Vidallo)
  7. [RES] A Comparative Study of the Oral Narrative Literature and Culture of Malasugui (Labo, Camarines Norte), Villaflorida (Ocampo, Camarines Sur), and Mt. Asog (Iriga City) (Dr. Jesus Cyril M. Conde)
  8. [RES] Habitat Assessment of Economically Important Marine Ecosystems at the Northeastern Coast of Rapu-rapu Island, Province of Albay (Dr. Emelina Regis and Joanaviva Caceres)




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